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Sweet Maggie Siff brings to Tara Knowles a complexity and sensitivity matched only by her own. More so than any other actor, I use Maggie’s personal traits to inform my choices for Tara. I’m sure that happens with all actors and writers on long-running shows, but it still fascinates me every season that often Maggie’s concerns about Tara parallel Tara’s emotional life. I’ve said this before, but the character of Tara is often the most difficult to write. Tara is the bridge between the civilian world and the outlaw world. Often adopting the point of view of the audience—wondering why she’s falling in love with men that do such bad things. Her opinions and feelings ping-pong back and forth across the emotional table. Sometimes her arc feels like a runaway train. Fortunately, in the hands of Maggie, that runaway train is always real and fascinating to watch. - Kurt Sutter

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